Support the Artist

Daïm Aggott-Hönsch wishes to thank and acknowledge the help, support, inspiration, and positive influence of the following individuals, without purporting the list to be a complete account of those towards whom he owes debts of gratitude, while remembering that it is through God that all things become possible.



The artist is currently looking for one or more generous benefactors ready and willing to fill the contemporarily eschewed mould of medieval arts patrons of old.

In appreciation of magnanimous monthly committments of $1,000 or more, whether through GitHub's sponsorship program or through other means, the artist will seek to engage the Patron on a monthly basis, and like stories medieval artists, will occasionally pay his homage through thematically thoughtful dedicated works.


The artist currently receives generous monthly contributions from Black Brane Systems.

If you would like to support the artist, you may do so through GitHub's sponsorship program, or by getting in touch to make arrangements directly.


Last, but decidedly not least, the artist thanks his incredible Fiancée and daughters for bringing the joy and strength into his life that is the foundation for all his creative work, as well as his friends Ross and Pia who encouraged and supported him even before the beginning. 

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